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Agency Hearings

This agency conducts administrative hearings on its decisions at the request of aggrieved parties. Below is the docket of hearings held at the agency's main offices: 200 St. Paul Place, Suite 2700 Baltimore, MD 21202. Other hearings are delegated to the Office of Administrative Hearings. If you have questions about these proceedings, read these frequently asked questions, or call the Appeals Clerk at 410-468-2018.  

Archived dockets:

The agency also conducts quasi-legislative hearings on varying topics. These are informational proceedings, designed to gather input and data from concerned parties. Information from the following topics can be found on the Quasi-Legislative Hearings page.

Proposed Long-Term Care Insurance Premium Rate Increases in Excess of 15%
Scheduled for July 24, 2013

Availability and Affordability of Insurance in Coastal Areas
December 13-14, 2011

CareFirst Surplus
November 19, 2009

Concierge Medical Practices
December 19, 2008