Workgroup on Genetic Testing

This MIA Workgroup is charged with gathering and evaluating information about the current state of genetic testing and its insurance uses.



yellow ball American Council of Life Insurers Presentation
    September 9, 2009
    Presentation on Medical Underwriting for Life, Disability Income and Long Term Care Insurance

yellow ball Meeting Minutes July 20 2009

yellow ball Meeting Presentation July 20 2009

yellow ball Meeting Minutes June 22 2009

yellow ball Meeting Presentation June 22 2009


Background Information


yellow ball Report on Genetic Information and Genetic Testing: Insurance and Personalized Medicine
January 12, 2010

yellow ball Legislative Request for Workgroup on Genetic Testing

yellow ball Comparison of Maryland Statutes and GINA

yellow ball Genetic Testing - Underwriting Limitations Based on Tests and Information
    Law Survey from the American Council of Life Insurers

yellow ball Moore v. Regents of University of California
    Supreme Court of California

    July 1990

yellow ball The Threat of Genetic Discrimination to the Promise of Personalized Medicine
    Testimony before the Subcommittee on Health
    Committee on Energy and Commerce
    U.S. House of Representatives
    Statement by Francis Collins, M.D. Ph.D
    Director of National Human Genome Research Institute
    March 8, 2007

yellow ball Genetic Testing for Alzheimer's Disease and its Impact on Insurance Purchasing Behavior
Market Watch
    Health Affairs, Volume 24, Number 2 March/April 2005
    By Cathleen D. Dick, Charles J. Mathews, J. Scott Roberts, Robert Cook-Doegan, Robert J. Pokorski and Robert C. Green

yellow ball Use of Genetic Information in Disability Income and Long Term Care Insurance
    Amercian Academy of Actuaries
    Issue Brief Spring 2002

yelllow ball Use of Genetic Tests and Genetic Information by Life Insurance Companies
    American Council of Life Insurance
    Volume 2, Number 1, 1998
    by Steven E. Zimmerman

yellow ball Genetic information and life insurance
    European Journal of Human Genetics 2003

    by Yann Joly, Bartha M. Knoppers and Beatrice Godard

yellow ball Genetic information and insurance - some ethical issues
    The Royal Society 1997
    by Onora O'Neill of Newham College, Cambridge

yellow ball Addressing the Emergent Issue of Genetic Discrimination in Underwriting Life Insurance
    NYU Journal of Legislation and Public Policy 2004
    by Mahati Guttikonda

yellow ball Genetic Screening and Disability Insurance
    Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics 2007
    by Nancy Kass and Amy Medley

yellow ball America Health Insurance Plans - Use of Genetic Information by Disability Carriers
    Questions and Answers
    September 2009