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Public Information Act Requests


The spirit of the Public Information Act (PIA) is to disclose to you, the general public, as much information as possible about the workings of your state of Maryland government. You may have access to and receive copies of many of the records in the custody of the Maryland Insurance Administration. Please review the following sections to learn more, including how to submit a PIA request, and to see a list of some of the documents that the Maryland Insurance Administration can release. Reading descriptions of the various Maryland Insurance Administration divisions may help you determine what types of records you want to review under the PIA.

The Public Information Act laws for State of Maryland agencies are located in the Maryland Annotated Code's General Provisions Article, beginning at section 4-101 and ending in section 4-601. These laws apply to the Maryland Insurance Administration. Laws in the Insurance Article of the Maryland Annotated Code also apply to the manner in which the Maryland Insurance Administration responds to PIA requests. Finally, there also are regulations that govern the way the Maryland Insurance Administration handles its Public Information Act requests. These regulations can be found in the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) at Title 31, Subtitle 02, Chapter 05.

Before submitting your request, you may wish to receive a copy of the some of the Consumer Publications that the Maryland Insurance Administration provides. These publications are free of charge and are listed at this link on the website.

In addition, the agency posts many of the documents it generates under the Available Public Information page. You may wish to review those postings before filing a request.