Help Selecting a Maryland Health Connection Plan

Do you need assistance enrolling in a health insurance plan? You can talk with someone at Maryland Health Connection by calling 
toll-free 1-855-642-8572, find your local connector entity online, or you can call an authorized producer (agent or broker) who can help you with the process. Click below to 
see a list of authorized producers, sorted by state and ZIP code:  

  • Spreadsheet - Sort this list by name or city by using Microsoft Excel's Sort & Filter function. Information is available on two worksheets: one with Maryland business addresses, the other with addresses in other states. Please note that a business may list its corporate address as being outside of Maryland even though there is an office within the state.
  • PDF - Search for keywords such as a person's last name or city by holding down Control + F on your keyboard.

List last updated March 4, 2014

To verify a producer's current license status, use the SBS Licensee Lookup. This service provides real-time direct access to 
non-confidential license information. Use it to:

  • Verify license status and expiration date
  • Verify license type and line of authority
  • Look up a business phone number