Fees Charged for Public Information Act Responses

From the Code of Maryland Regulations, the fees that the Maryland Insurance Administration is permitted to charge to respond to your Public Information Act request are as follows:

  • Printed copies - Copies are 20 cents per page if reproduction is made by a photocopy machine within the Insurance Administration. If records are not able to be photocopied (i.e. magnetic tape, blueprints, microfilm and punch cards), the fee for copies is based on the actual cost of reproduction. 
  • Electronic files - There is no per-page charge for electronic files that can be sent by email. If files must be burned onto a diskette, the fee is $5.

Except for the cost of diskettes, if the total amount of the fee is $5 or less, there is no charge.

The Insurance Administration also may charge reasonable fees for staff time expended searching for requested records or for any time expended preparing records for inspection or copying. The first two hours expended are not charged.

Before we send the records to you, we will send you an invoice and ask you to remit your payment. As soon as we receive your payment, we will provide the releasable records you requested.