How can I find out more about rate changes requested by health insurance companies?

  • Maryland law requires health insurance companies, HMOs, and nonprofit health service plans (such as CareFirst BlueCross Blue Shield) to provide an annual notice to their policyholders about proposed rate changes. They are also required by law to post a notice on their company’s website explaining that policyholders may find information about proposed rate increases and submit comments regarding these rate increases on the MIA’s website. The MIA posts information on its website for all rate change filings for individual health insurance products (policies for people that are not connected to job-based coverage) and all rate change filings for small group products.

  • These rate filings are open to public comment. When a health insurance company submits a request that is open to public comment, consumers can read the company’s justification for the request and submit comments on the MIA’s website. The MIA accepts public comments for 30 days from the date the rate change request is posted on our website. You can find all of this information on our web page entitled Health Insurance Rate Reviews.

  • Once the MIA completes its review and makes a decision on a rate filing, a summary of the result is posted as well. Consumers can find this information on our Health Insurance Rate Reviews page.