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Company Search provides information about companies currently licensed to conduct business in Maryland. The information is updated on a weekly basis.


Examples of information include:

• Company locations in a particular area/zip code.
• The newest active company name on record.
• The new name of a company if that company name has changed.
• Whether a company is licensed to conduct insurance business in Maryland.
• What types of insurance a company is authorized to write in Maryland.

Company Search results will show:

•Company name.
•Company address.
•Telephone number.
•National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) number.
•State of domicile.
•Company status (active or inactive).
•Type of business (e.g. Property & Casualty, Life & Health, etc.).
•Date of most recent business application.
•Lines of business (e.g. HMO, Automobile, etc.).
•Final Market Conduct Examination reports issued since January 1, 2002.
•Final Financial Examination reports issued since January 1, 2002.
•Orders issued since January 1, 2002 (not including Complaint Orders).

The Maryland Insurance Administration does not rank insurance companies. Click here for a list of companies that rank insurers for financial strength.